Related to the elaboration and development of a composite/ hybrid aerogel material:

  • Obtain a reinforced aerogel-based thermally superinsulating material: improving mechanical properties (by a factor of 100 compared to conventional silica aerogel) while maintaining a low thermal conductivity (λ< 0.018Wm-1K-1) by polymeric cross-linking and/or nanodispersion concepts based on use of cellulosic species
  • Develop an ambient drying process: minimizing evaporation-induced shrinkage by optimized fine-coupling between materials and process parameters

Related to the design and development of the insulation façade construction component:

  • Design and fabricate a novel building component prototype based on the developed aerogel-like material. The component should be compatible with conventional construction installations where the envelope is part of the buildings
  • Design a cost-effective continuous industrial-level process for the production of the aerogel-like material boards

Related to the validation of the efficiency of the insulation façade component and building integration:

  • Demonstrate the thermal, structural and mechanical performance of the highly insulating component under real conditions