To accomplish its objectives, the project has been structured into seven work packages, five of which address specific technical objectives (WP1-WP5), one of them is devoted to dissemination and exploitation issues (WP6) and the last one to management activities (WP7).


  • WP1- Synthesis of reinforced superinsulating aerogels is focused on the design and synthesis of brand new superinsulating silica-based aerogels. The main technical and scientific objective is to optimize the soft-chemistry processes for the preparation of such superinsulating silica-based aerogel-like materials i) to promote their mechanical reinforcement and ii) their multifunctionality, without degrading their very low thermal conductivity.
  • WP2- Drying and thermal conductivity optimization deals with the development and optimization of a robust and efficient drying process to be transferred at pilot scale for elaboration of strong superinsulating aerogel-like boards.
  • WP3- Pilot scale material fabrication is focused on the design, up-scaling and fabrication of new superinsulating aerogel board.
  • WP4- Aerogel-based component manufacturing deals with the design and fabrication of new superinsulating building components for retrofitting installations.
  • WP5- Building integration & validation deals with energy efficiency demonstration activities and its main objective is the integration of the component in a demonstrator building to validate its performance, thermal, mechanical and structural, under real conditions.
  • WP6- Dissemination & exploitation is aimed at finely studying the global impact of the developed superinsulating silica-based aerogel-like materials for improving energy efficiency in buildings and to set up the academic/industrial dissemination and exploitation strategies of the outputs of the project.
  • WP7- Project Management has as a main objective to ensure a sound coordination and management of the project covering administrative, legal and financial issues, and the relation with the EC.