SEPAREX is an independent SME specialised in supercritical fluid technology. As leader in the field, SEP is the sole company to offer both R&D services (Process development), toll manufacture and equipment design and construction. SEP proposes a wide range of R&D services for most applications of supercritical fluids. Recently, SEP has been more and more involved in applications related to Material Sciences, essentially for particle design for drug formulation, ceramics, metal powders, for nanostructured materials as catalysts and aerogels, made from both organic (including polymers) and inorganic compounds. Moreover, SEP has already built more than 240 tailor-made installations perfectly adapted to client’s needs, ranging from bench-scale to semi-industrial pilot and production units (including some operated in compliance with GMP), with the support of a constant R&D effort to improve the equipment.

Role&Expertise: As WP2 leader, SEP deals with the supercritical drying process of the gels in industrial settings and contributes to the design of the continuous process for the fabrication of the aerogel materials.

Key Researchers:

  • Dr. Michel Perrut, President & C.E.O.
  • Dr. Jean-Yves Clavier, SEPAREX Equipment Manager.
  • Dr. Eric Français , Process Development Project Manager.
  • Dipl. –Ing. Francisco RUIZ, Chemical Process Engineer & PhD Student.