PCAS – Produits Chimiques Auxiliaires et de Synthèse SA

PCAS is a leading Fine & Specialty Chemicals manufacturer who provides the global market with tailor made or performance products such as lubricant and protection additives, cosmetic ingredients, microelectronics or advanced materials precursors. PCAS designs and delivers stet of the art industrial solutions in order to meet customers’ specific requirements. PCAS complies with the most demanding standards in terms of safety, quality, competitiveness and innovation.

In the nanostructured and sol-gel derived materials segment, PCAS has developed a silica aerogel material (ISOGEL® in granular, powders and blankets formats) which can be used as high performance insulating material in various industries.

Role&Expertise: Supply alkoxide precursors and modify them for each synthesis approach. Develop an ambient pressure drying process for aerogel-like materials at in industrial settings. Contribute to the continuous process design for the aerogel materials manufacture

Key Researchers:

  • Dr. Pierre-Antoine Bonnardel,  R&D Engineer
  • Dr. Sophie Chausson, R&D Engineer
  • Ms. Emilie Darrigues, R&D Technician