The Bavarian Center for Applied Energy Research (ZAE Bayern) is a non-profit institution comprising three divisions with a total of about 160 co-workers; all divisions are committed to R&D in the fields of rational use of energy and regenerative energies. The ZAE Bayern division Functional Materials for Energy Technology is primarily focusing on the development and optimization of materials and highly efficient systems for thermal insulation. The ZAE Bayern division has extensive know-how in the fields of nanostructured materials, innovative components and rational energy system management.

The Nanomaterials and the Thermal Analysis group of the division functional materials for energy technology of the ZAE Bayern are involved in the AEROCOINs project

Role&Expertise: Characterization of aerogel composite/hybrid materials and components to identify the impact of different contributions to the overall thermal transport and thus to provide a fast specific feedback for the partners involved in synthesis.

Key Researchers:

  • Dr. Gudrun Reichenauer, Head of the Nanomaterials group at ZAE Bayern, AEROCOINs Project Coordinator at ZAE Bayern.
  • Dr. Hans-Peter Ebert, Head of the ZAE division Functional Materials for Energy Technology ZAE Bayern, AEROCOINs Scientific and Technical advisor at ZAE Bayern.