ARMINES is a non-profit organization enabling public higher education and research institutions to entrust their contractual research activities to private organizations. These last years, ARMINES is among the first private contractual research institutions in France. At the FP7, more than 50 projects have been notified. Mines ParisTech (Ecole Nationale Superieure des Mines de Paris) is one of the oldest and best high education and research engineering schools in France. Mines ParisTech has 14 research centers that are specialised in energy, materials sciences, chemical engineering, management, applied mathematics, earth sciences, environment, economics and social sciences.

Two research centres from ARMINES/Mines ParisTech are involved in AEROCOINs: Centre for Energy and Processes (CEP) and Centre for Materials Forming (CEMEF).

Role&Expertise: Designing at laboratory scale  brand new strong superinsulating aerogel-like materials based on coupling cellulose and silica, characterisation and transfer to larger-scale.

Key Researchers:

  • Arnaud RigacciPhD, Habilitation, senior scientist /CEP. Official representative of ARMINES in AEROCOINs and WP1 leader
  • Tatiana Budtova PhD, Habilitation, senior scientist /CEMEF
  • Christian Beauger PhD, senior scientist/ CEP
  • Claudia Hildenbrand PhD, post-doctoral researcher / CEP
  • Arnaud Demilecamps PhD student /CEMEF