Buildings in Europe account for approximately 40% of the total global energy consumption and a 36% of the total CO2 emissions. To help address climate change the European Commission has launched the EUROPE 2020 STRATEGY, which aims at reducing energy consumption by 20% and reducing CO2 emissions by 20%.

Improving the ENERGY EFFICIENCY of BUILDINGS therefore is a promising way to save energy. AEROCOINs proposes to significantly enhance the thermal resistance of the insulation layer in the building envelope for a given layer thickness. A clever combination of SOL-GEL SCIENCE and NANOTECHNOLOGY can greatly advance in the design and development of novel SUPERINSULATION SILICA AEROGEL MATERIALS.

AEROCOINs proposes to create a new superinsulating material by overcoming the two major obstacles which have so far prevented a wide-spread use of silica-based aerogel super-insulation components in buildings and construction. These obstacles are the POOR MECHANICAL PROPERTIES of silica aerogels and the HIGH COST associated with its production.

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